Oct 072015

On October 31, 2015 at 15.00 in St. Petersburg on the basis of the sports complex “NOVA ARENA” (100 Grazhdansky Prospect, Saint Petersburg,) the annual public charity campaign “People for people” will be held, it’s aimed at the forming of positive attitudes towards organ donation, social adaptation of people after organ transplantations, demonstrating their physical capabilities. The campaign will take place on a football match with the participation of people with transplanted organs, related organ donor, doctors, celebrities, athletes and artists.

The main task of the event is to draw attention of the society and help to realize that the creation of an effective system of organ donation is another important and real resource of saving the nation.

This year the event was first held in St. Petersburg and is dedicated to the 35th anniversary of the North-West Federal Almazov Medical Research Center — one of the largest federal scientific and medical institutions of Russia which performs thousands of heart operations, including transplantations, annually. On 30 October, in the framework of the Scientific Session “From translational research to innovation” in Federal Almazov Centre there will be the symposium “Organ transplantation: current problems” with leading Russian and world experts’ discussion of organ donation and transplantation.

The organizers: The Russian Transplantology Society (Chairman — S. Gauthier), “Healthy Generation” (President — E. E. Achkasov), First Moscow State Medical University named after I. M. Sechenov (Rector — P. V. Glybochko), North-West Federal Almazov Medical Research Center (Director General — E. V. Shlyakhto), Russian Scientific Center of Radiology and Surgical Technologies (Director — A. M. Granov), First St. Petersburg Pavlov State Medical University (Rector — S. F. Bagnenko), St. Petersburg Research Institute of Emergency Care named after I. I. Janelidze (Director — V. E. Parfenov). Technical organizer is MMA Expo.

Among the invited guests: St. Petersburg Governor Georgy Poltavchenko, the vice-governor of St. Petersburg Olga Kazanskaya, Chairman of the Health Care Committee Valery Kolabutin, Chairman of the Committee for Physical Culture and Sport Yuri Avdeev, movie and theater actor Mikhail Boyarsky, singer Tatyana Bulanova goalkeeper of St. Petersburg football team “Zenit” Mikhail Kerzhakov, attacking midfielder of St. Petersburg football team “Zenit” and Russian national team Oleg Shatov.

The event will be held under the auspices of the Health Care Committee and Committee for Physical Culture and Sports of St. Petersburg.

Website: www.людирадилюдей.орг

Organizers’ contacts:

Executive Director of “Healthy Generation” Alexandra Iovleva
Tel: +7 (963) 630-95-30; e-mail: sandraevil@mail.ru

Project Coordinator (St. Petersburg) Elvira Gultyaeva (Charity Fund “Donor’s kind heart”)
Tel:  +7 (911) 925-62-63; e-mail: elvira12.09@yandex.ru

Technical organizer — “MMA-EXPO”, Ivan Figurin:
Tel: +7 (495) 532-97-76, +7 (926) 216-83-75; e-mail: mmaexpo@mma-expo.ru

Coordinator of North-West Federal Almazov Medical Research Centre Ekaterina Uvarova
Tel: +7 (921) 789-74-97: e-mail: uvarova_ev@almazovcentre.ru