Aug 292017

On August 26-30 in Barcelona, Spain an annual Congress of the European Society of Cardiology is being held. Every year, the forum gets together more than 30,000 delegates: medical scientists and practical doctors from all over the world. This year, apart from the poster presentations, the following oral talks have been already given:

  • «State of the Art: arterial stiffness and cardiovascular risk» and «Post-stroke management of hypertension» by General Director Prof. Evgeny Shlyakhto,
  • «Where are new drugs?» in the session dedicated to the problems of hypertension new treatments by Deputy General Director for Research Prof. Alexandra Konradi.

Today, August 28, the specialists from the Almazov Centre Prof. E. Shlyakhto, Prof. E.Baranova and Dr.E. Mikhailov will take part in the scientific session of the Russian Society of Cardiology within the ESC Congress “Atrial Fibrillation Ablation — the «Big Picture».

In addition, tomorrow on August 29, the ESC Cardiology Quiz will check general knowledge of ESC clinical guidelines and practical skills of their application. The Almazov Centre Team — Prof. A.Konradi, Prof. A.Nedoshivin, Dr. V.Uspensky, Dr. E.Mikhailov, Dr. P.Murtazalieva and Dr.M.Ionov — will compete with the medical institutions from the other countries. We hope and wish victory to our team!