Jan 192018


On January 19, the Almazov National Medical Research Centre officially opened the innovative wards designed to ensure a comfortable and efficient stay for the patients.

The event was attended by Evgeny Shlyakhto, Director General of the Almazov Centre; Sergey Kalugin, Deputy Minister of Communications and Mass Media; Svetlana Agapitova, St. Petersburg Ombudsman for Children's Rights; Ivan Ozhgikhin, Deputy Director General of the Schwabe Holding; representatives of the St. Petersburg Public Health Committee; Nikolay Tsed, head of Primorsky district administration; chiefs of local maternity hospitals.


Two interactive rooms at the Rehabilitation Clinic for Children are newly equipped with the Integro system, an integrated solution offered by the Schwabe Holding, part of the Rostec state corporation. The rooms fitted with visual and multimedia facilities in conjunction with telemedicine technologies and chromotherapy provide an interactive medical setting as a new format for Russian healthcare providers.

The Holding has developed an innovative modular system Integro as part of its program entitled ‘New Quality of Healthcare Environment’. The system includes features such as nurse call, patient-staff communication, light and media controls as well as patient reminders for medications and appointments set by the doctor based on sensor data. Using these high-tech facilities, our specialists and, if necessary, doctors from other Russian regions are able to remotely access the medical data of mothers and their newborns, and can even set up a video call.

Every ward provides opportunities for an interactive communication between the patient and the doctor. The vitals of the newborn placed in a different room are continuously compiled and shown both on the mother’s screen and on the doctor’s console for the most efficient monitoring. When abnormal vital signs are detected, an alert is activated. The equipment is mounted in modules made of polymer composites with antibacterial properties meeting the highest hygiene standards.


As Ivan Ozhgikhin noted, “The doctors emphasized the high-tech nature and the potential benefits of the Integro system as well as the importance of its implementation in the maternity and child health hospital where psychological and emotional comfort is extremely important. Today, the wards stand ready to receive patients. In 2018, the system will be implemented in clinics of other specializations.”

During the demonstration of the wards, Evgeny Shlyakhto, Director General of the Almazov Centre explained that the main advantages of the new wards are that they can be integrated into the medical information system ensuring the real-time monitoring of all patient data for further treatment. “We have created unique conditions at the Children’s Rehabilitation Clinic for effective treatment and in-patient rehabilitation of children and expectant mothers with complex diagnoses. Thanks to the smart infrastructure and high technologies, doctors can provide care for children of all ages, including newborns with extremely low weight, abnormalities and birth defects, as well as pregnant women from all regions of Russia. I am convinced that these new interactive wards will significantly improve the quality of medical care and help speed up the treatment and recovery of patients,” he said.