Feb 062018

On February 6, the Almazov Centre held a meeting with key executives of the international company Bayer. The meeting covered various areas of cooperation, and the following representatives from Bayer were present:

  • Christoph Hofmann (Therapeutic Areas at Bayer AG)
  • Richard Nkulikiyinka (Cardiology and Nephrology at Bayer AG)
  • Jörg Hüser (Cardiovascular Research, Bayer AG)
    John-Edward Butler-Ransohoff (Strategic Projects, Global External Innovation & Alliances, Bayer AG)
  • Niels Hessmann (General Representative, Russia and CIS)
  • Dmitry Vlasov (Country Medical Director, Russia and CIS)
  • Igor Orshanskiy (External Innovation & Alliances, Russia and CIS)
  • Sergei Smirnov (Business Development and Licensing, Russia and CIS)

During the meeting, the parties signed a memorandum on scientific cooperation and discussed current research projects of the Almazov Centre, including in the field of pulmonary hypertension treatment, development of targeted drugs based on magnetic nanoparticles, cell therapy for oncohaematological diseases, etc. The representatives of the Bayer group presented their own innovative developments. The participants explored possible areas for joint research initiatives and implementation of research cooperation projects.