Oct 122018


On October 11–14, the representatives from the European Society of Paediatric and Neonatal Intensive Care (ESPNIC) paid a visit to Saint Petersburg. ESPNIC is dedicated to promoting the delivery of the highest quality of care to the critically ill children throughout Europe and creates networks with the leading experts in the fields of PICU and NICU from around the world. During the visit, the ESPNIC representatives had a meeting with the specialists from the Almazov Centre.

The delegation included Pierre Tissières, Medical President Elect, Joseph Brierley, Past Medical President, and David J. Rozsa, CEO at Metacred, Inc., an Association Management Company that specializes exclusively in the credentialing facet of association work.

During the tour, the delegation visited the Children’s Rehabilitation Clinic and the Perinatal Centre. At the joint meeting, Tatyana Pervunina, Director of Perinatology and Pediatrics Institute, and Eduard Komlichenko, Director of the Clinic, presented the history of the Almazov Centre, the major areas of the Perinatal Centre and the experience of the Children’s Rehabilitation Clinic.

The guests were very impressed with the facilities of the Centre and expressed hope that there would be opportunities for collaboration in future.