Oct 302018

Alexander Kim, MD, PhD, Head of Pediatric Neurosurgery Department #7 at the Almazov Centre, has become the first Russian doctor to successfully complete the 3-year Course of the European Society for Pediatric Neurosurgery (ESPN).

The ESPN course certificate is a prestigious distinction. For example, this certification is a must for pediatric neurosurgeons in most French clinics. The Course is delivered in a distance training format, and over the training period the trainees meet at major interim conferences and attend three onsite training and assessment sessions running for 7 days.

The complete training course covered all areas of pediatric neurosurgery, from propedeutics of children’s diseases to advanced techniques in brain neurosurgery. Lectures and simulation activities were delivered by the leading experts from the USA, Europe and Japan. There are no similar courses in Russia yet.

According to Dr. Kim, the training gave him an insight into the most relevant issues of pediatric neurosurgery and an opportunity to think about his clinical experience in a new way. The course provided an understanding of using the recent European and worldwide advances and an opportunity to consult with foreign peers.