May 182019

From May 16 to 18, Almazov Centre hosted the National Medical Innovation Forum that brought together experts from various medical and related fields. This event was organized by the Russian Ministry of Health, St. Petersburg Public Health Committee, Translational Medicine Cluster, and Almazov National Medical Research Centre.

Prof. Evgeny Shlyakhto, Director General of Almazov Centre, opened the Forum with a welcome address highlighting the significance of research in Russia.


Evgeny Shlyakhto giving a welcome address

The opening session featured the presentations by Alexandra Konradi, Deputy Director General for Research (Value-Based Medicine); Elena Parmon, Director of the Medical Education Institute, (New Trends in Medical Education); Prof. Mikhail Mosoyan, Head of Robotic Surgery Centre (Robots in Medicine) and Dmitry Kurapeev, Deputy General Director for Information Technologies (Symbiosis Between Doctors and Machines — a Futuristic View of Health Care).


Presentation by Alexandra Konradi

The Forum included Almazov Youth Medical Forum to bring together young scientists, residents and students and provide a venue for professional networking as well as informal friendly communication. Daily workshops and symposia were held by the most experienced and competent representatives of the medical community from Almazov Centre and Ultrasound School. Also, the programme offered team and individual medical tournaments, a competition of research papers by students, residents and young scientists. The papers “Diagnostic possibilities of 18F-DOPA PET/CT in various morphological forms of congenital hyperinsulinism” by Mikhail Poyda and “Effect of sevoflurane preconditioning of donor hearts in cardioplegia on survival during heart transplantation in rats” by Pavel Nosenko won the first places in the research competition.

For the first time, the Almazov Medical Tournament was organized as part of the youth forum. More than 30 five- and six-year students and 139 students of 10th and 11th grades took part in the competition. The competition was held in the form of written tests. The assignments were based on the curricula of medical universities and secondary education programmes in Chemistry and Biology.

The programme of the National Medical Innovation Forum also included poster sessions and an exhibition of biomedical innovations. Besides, on May 17th, World Hypertension Day, the screening to measure blood pressure was held at Almazov Centre. It was meant for people who have never had their blood pressure measured. Each participant had their blood pressure measured three times and received recommendations depending on their blood pressure level.

As part of the National Medical Innovation Forum, the 5th All-Russian Scientific and Practical Conference Physical Rehabilitation in Sports, Medicine and Adapted Physical Education will take place at Lesgaft National State University of Physical Education, Sports and Health on June 27–29, 2019.