Apr 172019

20190418_140742_0On April 17, the Special-Purpose Committee for Cardiology of the Russian Ministry of Health held a meeting at Almazov Centre. The meeting brought together 77 members of the Special-Purpose Committee from 56 regions of Russia.

Elena Mazygula, head of the Coordination Centre for the implementation of the federal project “Fight Against Cardiovascular Disease” gave a welcome speech and presentation outlining the changes in the regulatory documents for the provision of medical care to cardiovascular patients as well as detailed recommendations on the development of “Fight Against Cardiovascular Disease” programmes in the regions.


Elena Mazygula giving a speech

Prof. Evgeny Shlyakhto, Director General of Almazov Centre and chief visiting cardiologist of the Russian Health Ministry for the Volga, Southern, North Caucasian and Northwestern federal districts, presented the situation with cardiac care in the entrusted regions and highlighted the need for a focused approach when planning measures to reduce mortality from circulatory diseases based on regional features to be determined through a comprehensive comparative analysis, i.e. benchmarking of regions. An exceptionally comprehensive approach with the right choice of targets, clear implementation mechanisms, financial and human resources will make it possible to successfully implement the regional programme “Fight Against Cardiovascular Disease”.


Speech by Evgeny Shlyakhto

Sergey Boytsov, chief visiting cardiologist of the Russian Health Ministry for the Siberian, Far Eastern, Central and Ural federal districts focused on the problem of accessibility and quality of medical care in Russian regions. The most common problems of medical care for cardiovascular patients in the regions are the lack of stress testing practice both in inpatient and outpatient settings, lack of clinical practice for the prevention of sudden cardiac death, incomplete drug coverage for high-risk groups of patients.

The participants of the meeting discussed the development and implementation of clinical guidelines, professional standards of cardiologist for the three subfields. A particular focus was given to the strategy of organizing care for patients with chronic heart failure and high cardiovascular risks.

Presidium members of the Special-Purpose Committee thanked all the participants for their fruitful work and team approach to the implementation of the common goal of improving patient care in cardiology.