May 152019

Third interregional conference Drug Safety: Basic and Applied Issues and the international workshop for doctors and researchers in pharmacoepidemiology and drug safety came to an end.

The conference and the workshop brought together participants from different cities of Russia (Vladivostok, Krasnoyarsk, Belgorod, Voronezh, Saratov, Chelyabinsk, Smolensk, Moscow and St. Petersburg) as well as from Great Britain, Norway, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan.


Among the speakers were world-renowned scientists such as Professor David Barry from London, expert in therapeutic drug monitoring, and professors Svetlana Skurtveit and Marte Handal from Norway, who delivered a unique in Russia workshop on pharmacoepidemiological research methods with personal coaching for participants.

A number of cooperation and research projects in drug safety emerged from this conference.