May 222019

petersburger_0On May 16-18, the symposium Issues of Antibiotic Resistance was held in Hanover (Germany) within the framework of the Health Working Group of the Petersburg Dialogue Forum established for developing Russian-German relations by expanding the cooperation between civil societies of the two countries.

The purpose of this bilateral meeting was to discuss specific global initiatives to fight antibiotic resistance with involvement of regional stakeholders who can implement these projects with the support of local governments.

The meeting was held under the direct supervision of Andrea Fischer, co-chair of the Health Working Group of the Petersburg Dialogue Forum and Head of Finance and Construction Department, Hanover Region.

The participants discussed the major issues on the agenda:

— the current situation regarding antimicrobial resistance in Russia and Germany

— specific issues of antibiotic resistance of Klebsiella pneumoniae, Candida auris, Streptococcus p., Mycobacterium tuberculosis

— existing local programs and achievements in this area, as well as government projects aimed at solving this problem.

The representatives of Almazov Centre were Alexandra Konradi, Deputy Director General for Research, and Elena Barantsevich, head of Nosocomial Infections Research Laboratory of the Hematology Institute. Of particular note is the participation of Lyalya Gabbasova, Assistant to the Minister of Health, who has repeatedly represented the Russian Federation at the WHO Assembly on antibiotic resistance.

According to the results of the Forum, the key printed materials of the symposium will be prepared and the draft decision will be adopted based on the provisions discussed during the event.