Jun 202019


On June 20, Almazov Centre held a meeting of eSATIS (Early Sleep Apnea Treatment in Stroke) investigators. Early Sleep Apnea Treatment in Stroke: A Multicenter, Randomized, Rater-Blinded, Clinical Trial of Adaptive Servo-Ventilation was started in 2015.

The investigators from all six centres of four countries involved in the trial (Switzerland, Germany, France and Russia) met to discuss the trial progress. The initiator and the main centre of the project is the Neurology Department of the University Hospital in Bern (director and principal investigator – prof. Claudio Bassetti, Switzerland). Russia is represented by Almazov Centre in this project (principal investigator – prof. Alexandra Konradi). The trial involves the somnology group headed by Yuri Sviryaev, radiology department headed by Vladimir Fokin, MRI department headed by Anton Ryzhkov, neurology intensive care unit no. 9 headed by Alexei Kuzmin, neurology department no. 2 headed by Kayum Simakov.

During the tour, the guests visited the hybrid and MRI operating room, neurosurgery departments and other units of the Main Clinical Facility.