Sep 132014

On September 11-13, 2014, IX International Scientific and Practical Conference “Sudden death from risk stratification to prevention” was held in Federal Almazov Medical Research Centre. Leading Russian and foreign experts gathered to discuss the prevention of sudden death from cardiovascular diseases. The problem is significantly actual in the Russia Federation: annually thousands of people die due to various heart pathologies. And not only elderly people are at risk but also young people, including those who lead an active lifestyle — professional athletes. Often banal fainting can detect serious violations of heart which many people simply do not give value to. As a prevention methods, doctors advise, first of all, to correct lifestyle, to move more and keep diet, and in case of emergency call for immediate medical attention.

The main purpose of the Conference is to improve the risk criteria, diagnostic and treatment standards, and measures development for sudden death prevention.

At the conference, the experts discussed a wide range of issues related to early signs of sudden death risk and prevention: cardiac arrhythmias and their surgical treatment, new technologies in cardiology and arrhythmology, myocardial infarction, acute coronary syndrome, syncope, etc.

For the first time, the Conference contained symposium devoted to neuromodulation in cardiology, Forum of pediatric cardiologists and educational course on children's non-invasive and surgical arrhythmology. Channelopathies and genetic aspects of susceptibility to sudden death were covered in separate sections, and the Symposium on cardiac arrhythmias in children and adults. Symposia on mathematical modeling in the study of life-threatening arrhythmias and processing of biological signals in the analysis of various parameters in patients with arrhythmias aroused great interest in public. Several workshops were devoted to pathologists’ research in sudden death syndrome.

For the first time in St. Petersburg, a joint symposium with the European Association of Cardiovascular Pathology was held; it presented survey data and new researches on electrical cardiac conduction system.