Aug 152019

Аортальный стент2_0

For import substitution purposes, the researchers of the Department for Vascular and Interventional Surgery at Almazov Centre initiated the local development of innovative products: stent grafts, aortic stents, stentless prosthetic heart valves and peripheral nitinol stents. Scientific developments are carried out by the scientists of Almazov Centre together with the specialists of Angioline LLC.

The specialists started designing a stentless prosthetic aortic valve for minimally invasive cardiac surgery. Active introduction of this innovative product into practice will significantly reduce the time of surgery and shorten the postoperative recovery period for the patient.

The Preclinical Translational Research Centre is carrying out preclinical trials of a holometallic stent for the treatment of thoracoabdominal aortic dissection (TAAD). This technology is used by the world’s leading clinics to treat aortic aneurysms.

In the short term, the innovative products made in Russia will be tested for efficacy and safety at the Preclinical Translational Research Centre.

Improving the minimally invasive treatment for cardiovascular diseases by using new domestic devices will solve many clinical and economic problems in health care. Close interaction within the Translational Medicine Cluster ensures the rapid introduction of innovative technologies in clinical practice. It is the major vector for the integration of domestic science in healthcare.