Oct 012019


On September 30, Director General of Almazov Centre Evgeny Shlyakhto met the delegation of Intuitive Surgical: Kevin Collins (Vice President), David Price (Strategic Analyst) and John van der Horst (Director Commercial Distribution EEMEA & Canada). The participants of the meeting discussed the prospects of creating an international training centre for robotic surgery at Almazov Centre. Also, considering the experience of Almazov Centre specialists in robotic surgery, they discussed the possibility of training programmes for students, clinical residents and PhD students in which they will earn an international certificate in robotic surgery.

Professor Mikhail Karpenko, Deputy Director General for Science and Clinic of Almazov Centre, and Mikhail Mosoyan, Head of Robotic Surgery Centre and Urology Department with a Course in Robotic Surgery, also attended the meeting.

Intuitive Surgical is a leading U.S. company that develops, manufactures and sells da Vinci robotic systems for minimally invasive surgery.