Nov 232019


On November 23, Almazov Centre hosted the conference Space and Medicine: Past, Present and Future focusing on the past and recent achievements in space medicine and space biology. A major part of the programme was devoted to the discussion of problems concerning the relationship between human and the natural and social universes from the humanitarian and historical-philosophical aspects, as well as in terms of natural sciences.

The conference covered the issues relating to the history of medicine and the formation of a system of scientific knowledge about individuals, the contribution of medical science to understanding the human nature, discussed space medicine as a branch of medical science, the prospects of biocosmology today and tomorrow, and much more.

The welcome address highlighted that space medicine makes a great contribution to solving the problems of the Earth. The participants discussed the issues of settling space and space development. The motto of the event was “We live in space, and space lives in us.” The speakers highlighted in their presentations that sciences are intertwined, discussed the human nature from different aspects of life.


The conference was useful to a wide range of participants. It brought together both youth representatives and well-known scientists, representatives of medical science, philosophers, historians, researchers in the areas of natural sciences and humanitarian disciplines.