Dec 062019


Doctors of Almazov Centre have tested the ultraportable ultrasound system based on the Lumify mobile application. This point-of-care tele-ultrasound solution works in conjunction with a compatible smartphone or tablet and is designed for bedside imaging and scanning during critical and urgent care.

The system was used together with a platform that allows for expert qualitative and quantitative analysis of images obtained both by ultra-portable and standard ultrasound equipment. The platform allows assessing the dynamics of the patient’s condition at any time by comparing the results of all scans performed on both Lumify and stationary ultrasound scanners.

The platform also stores, evaluates and analyzes the information about each patient, which is necessary to compare the results of current and all previous scans.

Intensivists of the Centre performed echo-CG on their own and received online consultations from the specialists who analyzed ultrasound images in real time. In this case, an intensivist does not need to move the large-size equipment, and an ultrasound specialist does not need to be present at each scanning.

Portability, ease of use and telemedicine technologies make the pocket ultrasound device useful in critical care, emergency medicine, cardiology, surgery, obstetrics, traumatology as well as in remote settlements and in emergency situations, namely, anywhere and anytime. This all-in-one tele-ultrasound solution will enhance care delivery by bringing even more confidence to ultrasound clinicians.