Dec 272019


Dean of Medicine Galina Kukharchik opened the meeting with welcoming remarks. She summed up the results of the first semester and wished the students success on the exams.

First-year and second-year students took part in the meeting. They shared their impressions about their studies, participation in the Anatomy and Big Simulator 2020 competitions. They talked about the revival of the volunteer movement and invited everyone to join. Students also noted that they take an active part in scientific conferences and two students already have patents for scientific inventions.


Evgeny Shlyakhto began his speech by thanking the students for participation in the pilot educational project of a medical institution.

Director General shared his vision of modern medical education: “Education should be within science and based on science, not nearby, but inside. Almazov Centre has 7 institutes, 800 researchers, more than 6,000 clinicians and about 1,500 beds, and everything should be aimed at education.”

Prof. Shlyakhto talked about what a real doctor should be and what should be paid attention to in studies. He shared the prospects for the development of the student campus and the immediate plans for the future.

In conclusion, Evgeny Shlyakhto and Director of the Medical Education Institute Elena Parmon answered the questions regarding studies and life in Solnechny. Evgeny Shlyakhto congratulated everyone on the upcoming New Year, wishing everyone good luck, success and good health.