Mar 162020

Минздрав_0_0On March 16, the administration of Almazov Centre and heads of clinical units took part in the all-Russian video conference of the Russian Health Ministry chaired by Health Minister Mikhail Murashko. The meeting was devoted to the situation with COVID-19 infection and community-acquired pneumonia in the world and in the constituent entities of the Russian Federation.

The meeting provided an overview of the latest epidemiological data, the order of the Health Ministry on anti-epidemic and clinical diagnostic measures in the Russian Federation, the diagnosis and treatment of patients with suspected COVID-19. Particular focus was given to ensuring the safety of healthcare workers given the increased workload and high risk of infection.

Also, additional measures for preventive deployment of inpatient and outpatient facilities in Moscow were presented.

In closing the meeting, Health Minister Mikhail Murashko emphasized the importance of coordinating organizational, methodological, anti-epidemic and clinical diagnostic measures at all levels of Russian health care system in order to prevent deaths from coronavirus infection in the country.