Apr 282020


On April 27, St. Petersburg Governor Alexander Beglov signed a decree appointing Director General of Almazov Centre Evgeny Shlyakhto as Healthcare Advisor.

Three more chiefs of medical institutions of the city’s leading health institutions became advisors: Avtandil Mikava, Chief of St. Mary Magdalen Children’s Hospital No. 2; Yuri Scherbuk, head of Neurosurgery and Neurology Department at the Faculty of Medicine of St. Petersburg State University, Dean of Dentistry and Medical Technology Department of St. Petersburg State University; Alexander Kuzhel, Director of the Compulsory Health Insurance Fund of St. Petersburg.

The issues of primary concern relate to preventing the spread of coronavirus infection in St. Petersburg, as well as coordinating medical activities and elaborating common algorithms for health institutions and routing of patients with suspected and already confirmed infection.