Jul 082020

The meeting was held as a videoconference. It was devoted to the progress in diversifying the production of organizations of the military-industrial complex.

Deputy Chairman of the Government and Chairman of the Board of the Military-Industrial Commission Yuri Borisov started the meeting with an opening address.

Moscow Mayor Sergey Sobyanin and General Designer of MIT Corporation Yuri Solomonov delivered video messages.

Director General of Almazov Centre Prof. Evgeny Shlyakhto and Director General of the Russian Federal Nuclear Centre – All-Russia Research Institute of Experimental Physics Valentin Kostyukov presented the information on the “High-readiness project: the TIANOX nitric oxide device”.

Among the participants of the meeting were members of the Federation Council of the Federal Assembly, deputies of the State Duma of the Federal Assembly, plenipotentiaries of the President of the Russian Federation in federal districts, as well as representatives of federal authorities and organizations.