Oct 052020


The international project BSR S3 Ecosystem has been launched in St. Petersburg under the European Union’s Baltic Sea Region Programme / BSR Interreg.

The Russian part of the BSR S3 Ecosystem project is being implemented in accordance with the Partnership Agreement between the leading partner – Västerbotten RegionL Administration (Sweden) and the Russian partner – St. Petersburg Medical Information and Analytical Centre.

The major goal of the project is to develop a model for an innovative platform and management system for value-based medical services in cardiology in St. Petersburg. This will create a “live” laboratory, promote the results of the pilot project to other regions and other medical fields, create new opportunities for organizing medical care and improving the quality of life.

Associated partners of the project are:

  • Almazov National Medical Research Centre (Russia)
  • Municipal Polyclinic No. 74 of Kronshtadt (Russia)
  • University of Tampere (Finland)

The project is based on many years of cooperation under the Agreement between Saint Petersburg and Tampere (Finland). The preparation took into account:

  • Results of the project “Outpatient Clinic of a New Type” in accordance with the Health national project
  • Smart Health Agreement between the St. Petersburg Health Committee and Pirkanmaa Hospital District
  • Smart City Agreement between Saint Petersburg and Tampere
  • Cooperation Agreement between Almazov Centre, the University of Tampere and the Baltic Institute of Finland made in 2016
  • Recommendations of the Russian President Vladimir Putin on the modernization of primary health care

The result of the project should be a model of the organization of the healthcare system in Saint Petersburg (under the project – in the field of cardiology) founded on a value-based approach and focusing on the final result.