Oct 282020


The patient presented for consultation at the Diagnostic Centre with complaints of shortness of breath and chest pains experienced with minimal physical effort. After the examination, she was diagnosed with critical aortic stenosis.

The main treatment option for this disease is surgery – aortic valve replacement. However, the patient's advanced age and comorbidities implied the risk of open surgery. The specialists of Almazov Centre made a decision to perform an endovascular repair – transcatheter aortic valve implantation (TAVI) through a 5 mm incision in the femoral artery. All necessary examinations were performed within three days.

The head of Department for X-ray Surgical Methods of Diagnosis and Treatment Dmitry Zubarev and X-ray surgeon Vladimir Krasnov performed the surgery under local anesthesia and implanted a biological valve in 45 minutes, without incisions and general anesthesia. On the third day after the surgery, the patient was discharged in satisfactory condition. On the fifth day, the patient had the suture removed and the function of the aortic prosthesis was assessed.

Unlike open aortic valve replacement, the TAVI procedure allows patients to get out of bed the next day after surgery and return to full life within a week. With more than 5 years of experience in such procedures, the specialists of Almazov Centre achieve successful and long-term results, significantly improving the general condition of patients and their quality of life.