Mar 192021

Jetstream is the newest and unique technology designed to treat long calcified atherosclerotic lesions in the femoropopliteal segment. The system incorporates a catheter with special cutters and aspiration of particulate debris. Currently, it is the only atherectomy system with active aspiration capacity enabling simultaneous and continuous aspiration of the excised tissue. This atherectomy technique is similar to a semi-closed loop endarterectomy of the superficial femoral artery but atherosclerotic lesions are removed without incision.


In March 2021, the hybrid operating team of the Vascular and Interventional Surgery Department (headed by Mikhail Chernyavsky) performed rotational atherectomy using this technology for superficial femoral artery lesions for the first time. Several patients with chronic occlusion of the superficial femoral artery manifested by pain in the lower limb at rest underwent atherectomy of atherosclerotic plaques under local anesthesia and X-ray control.

In all cases, postprocedural angiography showed no residual stenosis. Additional stent implantation for the reconstructed area was not required. All patients had clinical improvement immediately after surgery and were discharged in satisfactory condition the next day.

The combination of endarterectomy with aspiration of atherosclerotic debris is an undeniable advantage of this method. The use of the new technology helps reduce the length of hospital stay and minimize the rehabilitation period in comparison with open surgery, and also has better hemodynamic results than balloon angioplasty of chronic calcified occlusions.

This technique will be actively used at Almazov Centre in patients with long occlusions of the arteries of the lower extremities to preserve the extremities and improve the quality of life of such patients.