Dec 022021

On December 2, the International Advisory Board of the World-Class Research Centre for Personalized Medicine held its second online meeting.


The International Advisory Board was established to facilitate and comprehensively analyze the development of WCRC, assess the relevance of ongoing research and its compliance with the modern world trends. The Board includes 28 world leading experts in all areas of personalized medicine.

Director General of Almazov Centre, Academician of the RAS Evgeny Shlyakhto opened the meeting with a welcome speech and an overview of achievements made by WCRC.


The second part of the meeting featured four presentations of results 2021 in each area of WCRC for Personalized Medicine:

  • Population genetics and polygenic non-communicable diseases

by Alina Babenko, Head of Research Department of Genetic Risks and Personalized Prevention


  • Unknown, rare and genetically determined diseases

by Elena Vasichkina, Head of Research Centre of Unknown, Rare and Genetically Determined Diseases


  • Oncology

by Konstantin Samochernykh, Head of Research Centre of Personalized Oncology


  • Infection diseases, microbial and antimicrobial therapy

by Alexander Suvorov, Head of Microbial Therapy Research Department


The speakers presented the major achievements in each research area, the targets achieved in 2021 and an overview of publications.

Following the presentations, Board members engaged into a discussion, asked questions and shared their opinions about the high level of research expertise at WCRC for Personalized Medicine.

In his closing remark, Prof. Shlyakhto thanked all the participants for their continued support of the WCRC initiatives, highlighted that all the targets for 2021 were achieved and expressed hope for further successful cooperation in the field of personalized medicine.