Apr 012022

On April 1, Almazov Centre hosted the interdisciplinary research and practical conference with international participation Vascular Tumors and Malformations in Children. The conference was held in a hybrid mode.

Today, the personalized therapy for pediatric cancer patients is becoming increasingly relevant and requires the involvement of specialists from various fields in order to make a timely and accurate diagnosis and select the most effective treatment option with minimum toxic effects.

The invited speakers shared their experience in using various tactics and methods, including modern imaging, morphological and molecular genetic testing. They discussed in detail the issues of using targeted therapy in children with various forms of vascular tumors and malformations.

Specialists noted that good cure rates can be achieved thanks to the introduction of the most modern targeted drugs into the practice of pediatric oncologists and hematologists.

During the conference, the participants presented complex clinical cases that required great efforts both in the verification of the diagnosis and long periods of therapy with a combination of various methods. Vascular surgeons spoke about the possibilities of minimally invasive surgery for vascular tumors in children.


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