Apr 282022


From April 26 to 28, the annual All-Russian Scientific-Practical Neurosurgery Conference with international participation Polenov's Readings took place in the Park Inn by Radisson Pribaltiyskaya Hotel in St. Petersburg.

The event was held in a hybrid form with the opportunity for speakers to participate online. The conference started with a welcome address by Director General of Almazov Centre, Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences Evgeny Shlyakhto; Director of Polenov Neurosurgical Institute Konstantin Samochernykh; Director of Burdenko National Medical Research Centre of Neurosurgery, President of the Russian Association of Neurosurgeons, Professor Dmitry Usachev; chief neurosurgeon of Russia, adviser to the rector of Evdokimov Moscow State University of Medicine and Dentistry, Chief Neurosurgeon of the Russian Ministry of Health, Head of Neurosurgery and Neurocritical Care Department of the Moscow State University of Medicine and Dentistry, Professor Vladimir Krylov; Corresponding Member of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, Professor Yuri Shanko.


A total of 879 participants registered for the event, more than 700 of them attended in person. Plenary sessions on the first and third days of the conference featured presentations by renowned Russian and Belorussian scientists on two major multidisciplinary problems – neuro-oncology and functional and reconstructive neurosurgery.

The opening presentations were devoted to the history of neurosurgery. The first one was dedicated to the 150th anniversary since the birth of Professor Polenov (by Professor N.E. Ivanova), the second one was dedicated to the 130th anniversary since the birth of the famous founder of the Academic Institute of Neurosurgery Boris Egorov (by Professor L. B. Likhterman).


Specialists from various countries (Belarus, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan) took part in the plenary breakout sessions. President of the Russian Association of Neurosurgeons, Professor Dmitry Usachev delivered a plenary speech on modern technologies in neurosurgery. Professor Vladimir Krylov spoke about microsurgery for complex cerebral aneurysms.

The Russian-Belarusian Congress was a great success and consisted of a wide range of topics including spinal neurosurgery, vascular neurosurgery and neuro-oncology. Belarusian colleagues presented their experience in the treatment of complex forms of Parkinson's disease and spoke about the problems of spinal neurosurgery.

Much focus was given to the fundamental aspects of neurosurgery and related disciplines, additive technologies in neurosurgery were discussed.

The event featured:

  • Symposium on Molecular Neuro-Oncology and Genomic Instability
  • Round table on Updates in Neuro-Oncology
  • Symposium on Artificial Intelligence in Neurosurgery
  • Round table on Neuropsychiatry in the System of Neurosciences
  • Round table on plexiform neurofibromas
  • Round table on ICP monitoring in neurosurgical patients

The conference also featured the Young Investigator Award competition where 178 participants competed.

The Russian Association of Neurosurgeons, the Association of Pediatric Neurosurgeons and chief pediatric neurosurgeons held their board meetings to discuss clinical guidelines and topical organizational issues.

During the days of the event, the participants had the opportunity to present their experience in various aspects of prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of neurosurgical patients, discuss the neurophysiological diagnostic challenges, modern approaches to rehabilitation care and talk about the results of managing patients with various conditions.




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