Apr 262022


From April 21 to 23, the XIII International Congress Nevsky Radiology Forum 2022 took place at the Boiling Point Coworking Space of Almazov Centre. The event summed up the results of the competition among PhD students, residents and graduate students with the presentation of research results and clinical observations. Students of Almazov Centre won many prizes.


Student research competition

Third-year student of the Medical Faculty of the Medical Education Institute Daria Dekan won the first place among graduate students, the second place winner was fourth-year student of the Medical Faculty Irina Paleeva.

Pavel Bratkov and Nikita Maslov shared the first place in the competition of residents (X-Ray Radiography specialty). Resident in X-Ray Radiography Kristina Anpilogova won the second place. Third place winners were resident in X-Ray Radiography Liya Savelieva and resident in Radiology Arkady Ponomarev.

The first place winner among PhD students was PhD student in Diagnostic Radiology and Radiation Therapy Evgenia Molokova.

It should be noted that the students of the Medical Education Institute for the first time presented the results of their research carried out as part of the student scientific society at the Diagnostic Radiology and Medical Imaging Department under the guidance of PhD fellow Elena Vyshedkevich.


K.A. Pilgun (4th year), D.V. Dekan (3rd year), E.D. Vyshedkevich (PhD fellow, junior researcher of MRI Research Laboratory), I.S. Paleeva (4th year), I.I. Ilyushkina (4th year)

The Nevsky Radiology Forum also featured a game on diagnostic radiology “NRF-RING” organized by the specialists and students of Almazov Centre. Teams of clinical residents from various universities took part in the game.


NRF-RING: Moderator – M.S. Baev, PhD fellow at the Diagnostic Radiology and Medical Imaging Department, presidium – Professor G.E. Trufanov, Professor V.V. Ryazanov, Associate Professor A.Yu. Efimtsev