Aug 012022

Specialists of the Research Laboratory for Novel Coronavirus Infection and Post-COVID Syndrome of the WCRC for Personalized Medicine have created a single database of patients with COVID-19 containing the results of clinical, laboratory and instrumental studies of more than 4,000 people.

Based on the survey data obtained during the first 72 hours of stay in the infectious hospital unit, a calculator for predicting the lethal outcome was developed. It’s meant for physicians as an additional information item about a patient's high risk. The program can be used as an auxiliary tool to support medical decision-making system.


The calculator use in clinical practice of infectious hospitals will allow not only predicting the outcome of the disease based on 11 simple parameters obtained in the first days of inpatient admission, but also distributing the available bed capacity and drug stock.

The developed calculator program received a patent certificate.

State Registration Certificate No. 2022661959, registered on June 28, 2022, application No. 2022661475 dated June 22, 2022.
«Calculator for mortality prediction in COVID-19 patients».
Authors: Konradi A. O., Korsakov I. N., Karonova T. L., Rubin A. D., Kurapeev D. I., Vashchenkov V. V.