Sep 022022

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On September 2, Almazov Centre hosted a round table «The Medical School of the Future – Ways of Developing Medical Education.» The event was organized by the Russian Society of Medical Education Specialists and the Institute of Medical Education of Almazov Centre. The round table brought together more than 70 specialists from educational institutions and teaching hospitals. An internationally known medical educator and pediatric surgeon, Professor of Surgery and Medical Education Hossam Hamdy, Chancellor of the Gulf Medical University participated and delivered a lecture entitled “Medical university of the future: from information to transformation.”

A scholar, professional and leader in higher education in the Middle East, Prof. Hamdy has established and led several Medical Colleges, Suez Canal University, Egypt, Arabian Gulf University, Bahrain and Gulf Medical University, UAE. He has served in different senior academic and administrative positions as Chancellor, Gulf Medical University, Vice Chancellor Medical & Health Science Colleges, Sharjah University, Director of the Institute of Leadership in Higher Education, Sharjah University and Dean College of Medicine, Arabian Gulf University, Bahrain.

The expert shared his experience in the field of organizing medical education, emphasized the importance of high integration of research, education and clinic, spoke about the University's master's programs in health and advanced training courses for teachers of medicine. There was great interest from the audience and lively discussions ensued.

Professor Hamdy toured the Almazov Centre and learned about its facilities, he visited the hybrid operating room and the Accreditation and Simulation Centre and signed a Memorandum of Understanding between Almazov Centre and Gulf Medical University (UAE) to establish and develop long-term and effective cooperation in the field of science and medical education.