Dec 232022


A year ago, the Boiling Point Coworking Space was established at Almazov Centre. It became the tenth Coworking Space in St. Petersburg. Its goal is to promote scientific projects and research, attract students, scientists and teachers to the site, develop entrepreneurial projects, work with communities and data, support technology teams and startups.

The Boiling Point of Almazov Centre is the only Boiling Point Coworking Space in Russia established at a leading multidisciplinary national medical research centre.

It has become a coworking space bringing together students, schoolchildren, doctors, representatives of business, government, the academic community, as well as the population of St. Petersburg, a space for teamwork and additional education. In 2022, about 400 events with about 10,000 participants took place at the Boiling Point site, including meetings, lectures, seminars, round tables, master classes, conferences, strategic sessions and foresights.

In September 2022, the Boiling Point of Almazov Centre won the grant competition of NTI Platform for the development of «Entrepreneurial Boiling Points», spaces for the development of student innovative entrepreneurship.

The Boiling Point of Almazov Centre cooperates with city authorities, institutions and enterprises. In line with the resolutions passed at the meeting of the working group on healthcare development in St. Petersburg using digital technologies of Sberbank, Almazov Centre has developed and is implementing the concept of scientific and educational workshops on digital technologies in healthcare at the Boiling Point of Almazov Centre.

From December 19 to December 22, several events dedicated to the first anniversary were held at the site: a master class for school students, a lecture on intellectual property, a discussion session on the development of Boiling Points and trends of AI use in healthcare, round table on gifted and talented education, as well as a competition for the best names of the halls.

The highlight of the event was the opening ceremony entitled “A Year of the Boiling Point: Almazov Centre in the Realm of Strategic Initiatives.” The ceremony featured welcome speeches by Chief of St. Petersburg Vice-Governor Office Olga Gritsak, First Deputy Chairman of the Health Committee Andrey Sarana, Head of Medical Information Products of Sberbank Health Industry Centre Evgeny Nochevkin and Director General of Almazov Centre Evgeny Shlyakhto.

The event ended with a plenary session on the topic: “Implementation of strategic initiatives – a multiplier effect on the economy and HR development.” Distinguished speakers were: Chair of the Committee on Science and Higher Education Andrey Maksimov; Director for AI Development at Yandex LLC Alexander Krainov; Director General of Moscow Centre for Innovative Technologies in Healthcare Vyacheslav Shulenin; Director General of the Agency for State Relations Evgeny Vasiliev; First Deputy Chairman of the Health Committee Andrey Sarana; Director General of Almazov Centre Evgeny Shlyakhto.

The work planned at the Boiling Point of Almazov Centre for 2023 includes the activities to develop and implement breakthrough ideas and projects, continue educational programs, scientific events, strategic and project sessions for schoolchildren and students. It is planned to create a common ecosystem for the development of children and youth, promote a healthy lifestyle and further develop the entrepreneurship initiatives through business games and training.




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