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On March 16, Almazov Centre hosted the VI Annual Conference on High Technologies in Pediatric and Adolescent Gynecology – Oncology Issues in Reproductive Medicine in Childhood and Adolescence. The event was held as part of the programme of the WCRC for Personalized Medicine. This traditional annual conference focused for the first time on the oncological aspects of children's reproductive health from modern methods in the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of genital tumors to methods for fertility preservation in girls with malignant tumors in other locations.

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Director of the Institute of Perinatology and Pediatrics Tatyana Pervunina and Deputy Chief for Oncology, Prof. Eduard Komlichenko opened the conference and delivered a welcoming speech. Prof. Elena Ulrikh spoke about the evolution of pediatric gynecologic oncology and highlighted a significant increase in the survival rate of girls and an increased possibility of organ-preserving surgical treatment. The topic was continued by Yulia Dinikina, Head of Chemotherapy and Bone Marrow Transplantation Department for Children, who spoke about modern methods of preventing the gonadotoxicity of cancer therapy. Professor Margarita Belogurova, evaluated the factors of late diagnosis of malignant tumors in children and focused on the early symptoms of certain tumors. Dr. Marina Ippolitova, Chief Visiting Gynecologist of Childhood and Adolescence for the Northwestern Federal District, addressed the topic of vaccination as the main factor for the primary prevention of cervical cancer.

The second module of the conference was devoted to high-tech medical care provided at Almazov Centre to girls with gynecological diseases. Prof. Eduard Komlichenko spoke about promising areas of robotic surgery. He presented patient selection algorithms for robotic procedures and the stages of individual surgical interventions. Ilya Kagantsov, Head of Research Laboratory of Surgery for Congenital and Hereditary Diseases, presented a new area – one-stage repair of combined urogynaecological defects and commented on the videos of surgeries he performed. Dr. Igor Govorov, Head of Research Laboratory of Operative Gynecology, spoke about cryopreservation of ovarian tissue as a method of preserving female fertility from an experimental model to clinical application. Nadezhda Kokhreidze, Head of Adolescent Gynecology Department, spoke about how the orders for the provision of high-tech medical care are applicable to the gynecology of children and adolescents.

The third module was for the practitioners who, for the first time in recent years, had the opportunity to attend the conference in person. Gynecologists who came from Karelia and the Leningrad region, under the guidance of Nadezhda Kokhreidze and Elena Ulrikh, analyzed complex clinical cases involving differential diagnosis of mammary and ovarian tumors in girls. The importance of stage-by-stage approach and continuity has been demonstrated using the capabilities of a federal centre in achieving excellent treatment outcomes. Based on her own experience, Kyaniz Aliyeva, a gynecologist at the outpatient department of the Maternity and Childhood Clinic, spoke about the special cases that a gynecologist may encounter in children with hematological malignancies. In conclusion, Nadezhda Kokhreidze gave a presentation on the achievements and prospects for the development of the Adolescent Gynecology Department, which will celebrate its 6th year.

The conference was held in a hybrid format and more than 160 participants attended the event online. The growing interest of the professional community every year not only emphasizes the relevance of the topic of pediatric and adolescent gynecology, but also contributes to the effective multidisciplinary interaction.


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Venue: Children’s Rehabilitation Clinic of Almazov Centre
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