Galina Salogub


Head of the Internal Medicine Department, MD, Associate Professor

After graduating Pavlov Medical Institute in “Medicine” Galina Salogub finished the residency in “Internal medicine”, “Hematology” at the Faculty Therapy Department.

Since 1989 she worked as a hematologist at the Hematology Department, and from 1990 to 2010 she was the Head of the Department.

From 1993 she was the Assistant of the Department, from 2001 — Assistant Professor of the Faculty Therapy Department of Pavlov State University.

Galina Salogub is the certified specialist in hematology, oncology, internal medicine, cardiology; she has the highest qualification category in hematology. In 1997, she defended her thesis in “Hematology and Blood Transfusion” on the topic “The activity of bone marrow cells ribosomal cistrons in normal and pathological states”; in 2008, Galina Salogub was awarded the title of associate professor. In 2000, by the order of the Minister of Health she was awarded the title of “Health Care Excellence Expert”.

Since 2013, Galina Salogub is the Head of the Internal Medicine Department.

Research interests are paraproteinemic hemoblastosis problems (multiple myeloma, amyloidosis), immune thrombocythemia, orphan diseases (Gaucher disease, Fabry disease et al.).

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