Sergey Ivanov


Vivarium Junior Researcher, PhD

In 2007, Dr. Ivanov graduated from St. Petersburg Pavlov State Medical University. From 2007 to 2009 he studied in clinical internship at the Department of otolaryngology of Saint-Petersburg State Academy of Post Graduate Education. In 2009 Sergey Ivanov attended the course in “Audiology”.

In 2014 he defended his thesis on “Ensuring of oto availability using nano-sized carriers and otoprotective sound effect of preconditioning (experimental research)”.

Since 2009 Sergey Alexandrovich is an audiologist-otorhinolaryngologist in the Leningrad District Clinical Hospital, from 2011 to the present time he is a junior researcher of the Vivarium of the Institute of Experimental Medicine. From 2012 he is an assistant of the Department of Pathophysiology with a Course of Clinical Pathophysiology of Saint-Petersburg Pavlov State University.

Research interests: problems of otoprotection and targeted drug delivery.