Research Laboratory of Transfusion and Efferent Therapy

Sergey Sidorkevich
Head of the Laboratory, PhD

The Laboratory aim:

Conducting scientific researches, medical diagnostic, organizational and methodical work and training plans as well as the development of new medical technologies.

The Laboratory main tasks:

  • Development and improvement of diagnosis and treatment methods for patients in need of acute renal-replacement therapy and extracorporal blood correction, as well as transfusion therapy;
  • Implementation of modern methods of data collection, processing and storage of information by creating computer programs for automated logging, monitoring and therapy in a specialized department, implementation of therapeutic measures as well as creating an archive of patients who after renal replacement therapy and extracorporal hemocorrection and transfusion therapy;
  • Improving the quality of medical care for patients in clinical departments through the use of rational methods of diagnosis and treatment, scientific organization of labor, and medical personnel training;
  • Participation in testing prototypes of new medical equipment, new medical technologies and effectiveness of blood components and products;
  • Development of material and technical basis of the Clinic leading transfusion, acute renal replacement therapy and efferent therapy;
  • Training medical residents and doctors in modern methods of acute renal replacement, efferent and blood transfusion therapy;
  • Providing consultative and guidance to public health institutions in St. Petersburg and North-West region of the Russian Federation by organizing seminars, scientific and practical conferences, lectures for doctors on topical issues of acute renal replacement, efferent and blood transfusion therapy;
  • Involvement in treatment and diagnostic clinical work of Federal North-West Medical Research Centre.