Medical Care Organization Unit

Nadezhda Paskar, MD, PhD
Head of the Unit

Medical Care Organization Unit has been operating as a structural unit of Almazov Centre since 2001.

Its research activity is focused on:

  • Developing the ways to improve the management of cardiac and cardiac surgery care.
  • Developing and implementing the conditions for information support of quality management. relating to the expert assessment of medical care quality and clinical audit based on information and telemedicine technologies.
  • Developing methods for mass screening of patients with cardiovascular risk factors in different populations.
  • Providing organizational and methodological support for the Russian Epidemiological Study “Arterial Hypertension Monitoring (2004–2008) in the Northwestern Federal District”.

The Unit continued research for the functioning of “Hypertension Register” under the Federal Target Program “Hypertension Prevention and Treatment in the Russian Federation” (2002–2008), the subprogram for hypertension “Prevention and Control of Socially Significant Diseases for 2007–2011” to improve methods of prevention, treatment and diagnosis of arterial hypertension.

Main focus areas:

  • Organizational and methodological support of multicenter observational study “Epidemiology of CVD in the Regions of the Russian Federation” (2012—2014) in accordance with the State Task of the Russian Ministry of Health and Social Development.
  • Organizational and methodological support for work with healthcare facilities — hypertension prevention centres.
  • Monitoring to identify the patients with cardiovascular risk factors using hardware and software.
  • Development of the scientific and organizational framework for the use of IT in quality management, expert assessment of medical care quality (specialized cardiac and cardiac surgery care) in a large city.
  • Development and implementation of information support for medical care quality management, clinical audit based on the information and telemedicine technologies in healthcare facilities.
  • Monitoring of the expert assessment of medical care for patients with cardiovascular diseases in healthcare facilities based on information technologies.
  • Participation in the specialized audit of cardiology departments in healthcare facilities to determine the expert assessment of health care quality in St. Petersburg.