Almazov Center is a modern, multi-purpose facility offering a venue for scientific and medical events with international participation.

Our unique facilities make it possible to organize all kinds of events such as congresses, conferences, seminars, round tables, press conferences, exhibitions, presentations, educational programs, master classes, lecture courses, business meetings, ceremonies, etc.

All meeting rooms are fully equipped to welcome participants of the highest-level events and feature top tables, speaker’s stands, projectors, screens, plasmas, interactive voting systems, online broadcasting and video conferencing.

Pavlov Hall

750 seats

Pavlov hall offers theater-style seating for up to 750 people. It is an excellent choice for large business and scientific meetings of any format: congresses, forums, scientific symposia, conventions. Two levels of the hall, including the balcony with a capacity of up to 250 people, can be accessed separately from the lifts and stairs.

The hall features soft comfortable chairs with pull-out tables, a big top table equipped with microphones and duplicate plasma displays, which can be automatically removed under the stage, speaker’s stand, projector, screen, 2 plasma displays, facilities for online broadcasting of the screen to 8 plasma displays mounted in the Congress Hall, videoconferencing.

Peter Assembly Hall

40 seats

This unique round hall with a 40-seat conference table is the perfect choice for large top-level meetings and press conferences. Two grand staircases are leading to the Hall from the first floor.

Panoramic Halls

Two multipurpose rooms located opposite each other, with an area of 70 sq. m each, both with a direct exit to the Peter Assembly Hall. It is possible to use them both independently and in combination with other halls of the Congress Centre as Speakers’ Rooms, Lunch or Cocktail Areas, Meeting Rooms, Lecture Rooms, etc.

If necessary, a lectern and/or a top table with theater-style seating for 40 persons can be installed in each of the rooms.

The rooms have panoramic floor-to-ceiling windows providing excellent natural light and airy environment.

Korotkov Hall

300 seats

This hall with theater-style seating for up to 300 people is suitable for conferences, meetings, master classes, presentations and coaching. The hall features soft chairs, top table, speaker’s stand, projector, screen, 2 plasma displays. An online broadcasting to the duplicate plasma display in the lobby of Almazov Centre can be arranged if necessary.

Lang Hall

130 seats

This light and spacious hall seating up to 130 people is located on the 20th floor of the Main Clinical Facility. Its floor-to-ceiling panoramic windows provide an excellent view of St. Petersburg.

If necessary, the hall can be divided into three independent areas.

Botkin HallЗал «Боткин»

64 seats

The hall can seat up to 64 people and is ideal for a wide range of small-scale events.

It is equipped with projector and plasma screen for presentations and interactive communication with the audience.

Library Hall

34 seats

This hall featuring 34 comfortable seats at the table and plasma screens in the middle of the table is ideally suited for round tables and joint discussions. The large windows let in enough natural light in the room.

Museum Hall

20 seats

It is not only a museum dedicated to the life and scientific work of the great scientist, academician Vladimir Almazov, the founder of the Centre. It is also a room for conferences and meetings in a cozy academic atmosphere.

Presentation Hall

22 seats

Twenty-two seater rectangular table provides a comfortable setting for joint discussions. If necessary, the furniture can be arranged in any way depending on the event purpose.

There is a convenient area for catering services (coffee break, buffet table) with enough natural light.

Café and catering area

100 seats

The cafe for 100 people is located on the ground floor of the Congress Hall.

The standard arrangement of tables is cabaret style but, if necessary, they can be rearranged or removed. There is a food service counter.

The cafe is equipped with plasma displays to follow online broadcasting from the conference rooms. The cafe has additional side areas where more private catering services can be provided.



Уведомляем вас, что в соответствии с Федеральным законом от 06.03.2006 № 35-ФЗ «О противодействии терроризму» в Центре Алмазова введен комплекс дополнительных мер по безопасности, направленный на предотвращение террористических актов. В целях обеспечения безопасности граждан и целостности объектов инфраструктуры при посещении Центра Алмазова проводится дополнительный личный осмотр, осмотр вещей и автотранспорта. Отказ от соблюдения мер по безопасности может послужить причиной недопуска на территорию Центра Алмазова. Просим с пониманием отнестись к введенным мерам по безопасности.

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