Express Lab of Perinatal Centre

Yulia Skorobogatova, MD, PhD
Head of Department, Board Certified in Laboratory Medicine

The Express Lab provides STAT and routine testing for the Perinatal Centre (clinical, biochemical and hemostatic tests) as well as immunohematological tests for all units of Almazov Centre.

The laboratory is equipped with state-of-the-art automated and semi-automated analyzers integrated into a single qMs system that allows our specialists to monitor the entire testing process, quickly perform accurate tests and deliver reliable results in the shortest possible time. The following equipment is used: Sysmex (Japan), DIAGAST (France), Johnson & Johnson (United Kingdom), GrifolsDiagnostic (Spain).

The quality is assured through the participation in quality control programs: the Federal System for External Quality Assessment of Clinical Laboratory Testing and the international quality assessment scheme RIQAS. Multi-level quality control is in place to provide accurate and error-free results all the time.