Young Scientists and Specialists Council

Dmitry Ovchinnikov
Chairman of Young Scientists and Specialists Council

The Young Scientists and Specialists Council has been established to unite the efforts of young specialists working at the Almazov Centre, to represent and protect their interests and present their opinion to the government bodies, the Centre’s administration, public and other institutions.

The members of the Young Scientists and Specialists Council implement the ideas of young scientists and specialists of the Almazov Centre, volunteer, help with the education process, take part in the organization of conferences and get involved in many joint projects of various kinds (sports, science, communications, etc.).
— сайт Совета обучающихся и молодых ученых

The Council has a number of committees handling a variety of tasks such as informational communications, international liaison, foreign exchange, information campaigns, volunteering, cultural and sports events.

Daria Sadovskaya
Vice Chairman for Students
Maria Gordeeva
Vice Chairman for Young Scientists
Olga Nalobina
Head of Volunteering and Tolerance Committee
Valentina Bairasheva
Head of Cultural and Patriotic Education Committee
Dmitry Smirnov
Head of Communications Committee
Gleb Kim
Head of Sports Committee
Vladimir Vinnikov
Head of Young Scientists Committee
Natalia Klyaus
Council Secretary

For any question or proposal, please contact the Council at