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Chair of the Council
The Young Scientists and Students Council was established in 2007 to unite the efforts of young specialists working at Almazov Centre, to represent and protect their interests and to present their opinions to the government bodies, the Centre's administration, public and other institutions.
The members of the Young Scientists and Students Council implement the ideas of the young scientists and students of Almazov Centre, do volunteer work, help in the educational process, take part in the organization of conferences and get involved in many joint projects of various kinds (sports, science, communication, etc.).
Vadim Zaitsev
Chair of the Council

In the 15 years of its existence, the Council has come a long way from being a local advisory body to an organizer of major scientific, educational and cultural events that are popular not only within the Centre but also throughout the country.
There are more than 1,000 participants, with more than 100 active members.

Goals and objectives

With the main aim of bringing together and representing the interests of students and young scientists, the Council has a number of committees with their own more specific objectives (such as Information Communication, International Liaison, Research Information Campaigns, Volunteering, Cultural and Sports Events).

Every year, Almazov Centre organizes a major conference with international participation – the Almazov Youth Medical Forum, which has gained a well-deserved reputation among researchers in the field of biomedical sciences, practising clinicians, popularisers of science, media personalities of the medical community and many medical students, biologists, bioinformaticians and specialists in other related fields.

In 2022, a number of projects were implemented and are ongoing:

• Student Day
• English Club
• Heart Club
• Sports events


In 2022, the following projects were implemented:

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1. Student Scientific Society
• 93 events (meetings, lectures, workshops)
• 149 regular participants in SSS
• 1819 student scientific club meetings
• 255 presentations by students

2. «From the Heart» volunteers
• More than 30 events
• More than 300 participants

3. Scientific trips by students and young researchers

The Council continues to actively promote scientific exchanges by sponsoring attendance at scientific conferences, competitions and training events for students and young scientists at Almazov Centre.
In 2022, 36 trips were sponsored (29 trips in Russia, 3 trips to other countries and 4 online exchanges).



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2020 год

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