Educational Program


The following topics will be covered
—     Arterial hypertension
—     Acute coronary syndrome
—     Neuromuscular disorders
—     Innovations in epileptology
—     Congenital malformations of the central nervous system
—     CNS tumours in children
—     Anesthetic support of surgical interventions
—     Emergency medicine for congenital heart diseases
—     Diagnostics and care of patients with persistent vegetative states
—     Fetal surgery
—     Current trends in experimental medicine
—     Pathology of the hemostatic system in the clinic and laboratory
—     Antithrombotic therapy
—     Modern techniques in CT and MRI in clinical practice
—     Functional MRI of the human brain
—     Ultrasound of cerebral vessels
—     Echocardiography
—     CT of congenital heart disease
—     Metabolic syndrome
—     Bariatric surgery
—     Pituitary Incidentalomas
—     Hypothyroidism and Fertility
—     Insulin pumps and development in the field of artificial pancreas device systems
—     Gestational diabetes mellitus