Proteomics Group

Alexandr Zhloba
Head of the Grup, Professor

The work is devoted to the fundamental direction of postsynthetic modifications of the protein in the genesis of organic academia including aminatsidemia as main causes of mitochondrial dysfunction and system metabolic disorders.

Partners in St.Petersburg:

St. Petersburg State Pavlov Medical University:

  • Department of Faculty Therapy, Institute of Cadio-Vascular Diseases;
  • Propedeutics Department, Institute of Nephrology;
  • A.V.Waldman Institute of Pharmacology;
  • Hospital Surgery Department;
  • Pathological Physiology Department, Laser Centre;
  • Department of Clinical Laboratory Diagnostics;
  • Department of Nervous Diseases;
  • Pneumonology Institute.

Foreign partner:

Department of Cell Biology, Lerner Research Institute, Cleveland, Ohio, USA (head of laboratory — Donald W. Jacobsen, PhD, FAHA.