Participation in scientific events


In 2010, Federal Almazov Medical Research Centre organized workshops and seminars on innovation. In March 2010, Head of the Institute of Experimental Medicine M. M. Galagudza and Head of Laboratory of nanotechnology D. V. Korolev held a seminar for leaders of the Centre: “Nanotechnology in medicine: the basic directions and prospects”.

In September 2010, the Health Committee of St. Petersburg together with Almazov Federal Centre within III St. Petersburg International Innovation Forum held a conference with international participation “Innovations in Health Care 2010” in which a lecture “The contribution of innovative technologies in the development of modern medicine” was made by the Director of Federal Almazov Medical Research Centre, RAS Academician, Professor E.V.Shlyakhto. Head of the Institute of Experimental Medicine M.M. Galagudza presented a speech “Prospects of the functional condition of organs and tissues using fluorescence diagnosis”.

Laboratory of myocardial metabolism proper data were presented in the form of reports at the 20th Congress of the European Society of Hypertension (Oslo, 18-21 June 2010), All-Russian scientific conference with international participation “High-tech methods of diagnosis and treatment of heart, blood and endocrine organs diseases” (St. Petersburg, 20-22 May 2010), All-Russian scientific conference with international participation “From fundamental research to innovative medical technologies” (St. Petersburg, 16-18 September 2010), 19th European Conference on stroke (Barcelona, 25-28 May 2010).



Уведомляем вас, что в соответствии с Федеральным законом от 06.03.2006 № 35-ФЗ «О противодействии терроризму» в Центре Алмазова введен комплекс дополнительных мер по безопасности, направленный на предотвращение террористических актов. В целях обеспечения безопасности граждан и целостности объектов инфраструктуры при посещении Центра Алмазова проводится дополнительный личный осмотр, осмотр вещей и автотранспорта. Отказ от соблюдения мер по безопасности может послужить причиной недопуска на территорию Центра Алмазова. Просим с пониманием отнестись к введенным мерам по безопасности.

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