Clinical practice



The Pediatric Department of Almazov Centre is the clinical site of the laboratory. The laboratory fellows act both as attending and consulting doctors.

We introduced a full range of modern methods for the examination and treatment in accordance with the standards of the Russian Health Ministry and international recommendations, including a basal hormone levels; stimulation and suppression tests (with clonidine, insulin, Diphereline, HCG, dexamethasone, Synacthen, etc.); imaging techniques (ultrasound, CT, MDCT, MRI, DEXA, endoscopic, radioisotope, etc.); daily blood glucose monitoring using Mini Link Kit MMt and Mini Med Paradigm Real-Time systems; continuous insulin infusion using insulin pumps, genetic testing (cytogenetic, Fish  hybridization in tissues, gene sequencing (diagnosis of monogenic insulin secretion disorders (KCNJ11)); immunohistochemical study —expression of somatostatin receptors 1-5, glucagon-like peptide receptors, etc.

The department provides medical care for children and adolescents with diabetes, growth and sex development disorders, adrenal and thyroid disease, disorders of calcium-phosphorus metabolism, multiple endocrine syndromes, neuroendocrine tumors and rare (orphan) genetic diseases.

The hospital has advanced facilities for diagnosing, molecular genetic testing, immunohistochemistry, surgical treatment of children with congenital hyperinsulinism and other insulin secretion disorders as well as disorders of sex differentiation.

Where necessary, we perform diagnostic testing for patients with unclear findings that imply endocrine disease.