Participation in scientific events


Laboratory of Pediatric Endocrinology staff made scientific reports at the 5th European Congress of Pediatricians (Vienna, 2011), symposium “Monogenic disorders of insulin secretion” (Philadelphia, 2012), annual meeting of the European Society of Pediatric Endocrinologists (Leipzig, 2012), conference “Multiple endocrine neoplasia” (Liege, 2012).

Oral speech focused on the diagnosis of gender formation was made at the symposium “Rare diseases in pediatrics” (Magdeburg, 2013).

Section sessions “Actual problems of pediatric endocrinology” are usually held at the annual All-Russian scientific conferences with international participation at Almazov Federal Centre: “Innovative technologies in Diabetology and Hematology”, “Almazov Scientific Conference” and “Healthy woman — healthy newborn”.

On the Symposium “Congenital hyperinsulinism” (Scientific Endocrinology Centre of RAMS, Moscow, 2012) the Laboratory made a report on its experience of this pathology treatment in children, at the annual conference “Human Health in the XXI century” we gave a speech on the types of eating disorders programming in children (Kazan, 2013 ).

In September 2012 Laboratory members organized symposium with international participation “Monogenic diseases with impaired insulin secretion in pediatric and therapeutic practice”  which was attended one of the leading specialists in the surgical treatment of hyperinsulinism- director of Pediatric surgery department at the University Hospital and Center for surgical treatment of congenital hyperinsulinism in Greifswald (Germany), Professor Winfried Barthlen.