Research at the moment and development prospects


Many various factors are currently known to be associated either directly or indirectly with the development of remodeling of myocardium and vascular smooth muscles, but there is still no clear answer about the remodeling mechanisms. Analysis of the circumstances under which these processes are developing suggests that the common factor is the increased activity of the sympathetic nervous system. So, one of the problems the Division is working on now and planning for the future, is to clarify the role of the sympathetic nervous system in the functioning of these mechanisms that controls growth and development of excitable tissues (cardiomyocytes, vascular smooth muscles) and remodeling of cardiovascular system.

The second research problem for the Division is to identify factors that enhance activity of the sympathetic nervous system in simulated cardiovascular pathology. The first step in this direction will be an analysis of blood pressure changes and activity of vasomotor neurons in cardiovascular mechanoreceptor denervation in long-term chronic experiments using telemetry monitoring of the major hemodynamic parameters.

The third problem for the Division in the near future will be the study of afferent baroreceptor role in simulated hypertension.