Eduard Zemtsovsky


Head of Research Laboratory for connective tissue disorders, Professor, DSc

In 2001 graduated from Pediatric State Medical University (Saint-Petersburg) with a degree in “General medicine”.

Since 1999 Eduard Zemtsovsky was the Head of Internal Diseases Propaedeutics Department of Pavlov State Medical University, since 2007- Head of Research Laboratory for connective tissue disorders.

In 2008 he defended PhD thesis in the theme “AV conduction disturbances in acute myocardial infarction” with a specialization in “Therapy”, and in 1984- DSc thesis in the theme “Heart rhythm and its disorders in young adults” with a specialization in “Cardiology”.

Eduard Zemtsovsky co-authored the applications for the first domestic automatic ECG analyzer and heart rhythm analyzer and co-developed the first domestic echocardiography.

Since 2004 he headed the working group of connective tissue disorders (in 2007 named the laboratory for connective tissue disorders) of Federal Almazov Medical Research Centre.

Eduard Zemtsovsky has 4 invention certificates and was awarded the honorary title “Inventor of the USSR”.

He is the author of more than 350 scientific works, including 15 monographs on sports cardiology, hereditary connective tissue disorders, dysplastic syndromes and phenotypes, mitral valve prolapse. Under the supervision of Eduard Zemtsovsky 30 master's and one doctoral thesis were defended.

In 2009 Eduard Zemtsovsky headed the Committee of Experts to prepare the first Russian recommendations for hereditary connective tissue disorders, he is also a member of the Bureau and chairman of the section of connective tissue dysplasia of the Russian Society of Cardiology, a Board member of the St. Petersburg Society of Cardiology, a Board member of the St. Petersburg Society of Physicians named after S.P. Botkin.

Eduard Zemtsovsky’s research fields lay in IHD, arrhythmias, athlete’s heart, connective tissue disorders.

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