Evgeny Timofeev


Senior researcher of Research Laboratory for connective tissue disorders, PhD.

In 2004 graduated from Pediatric State Medical University (Saint-Petersburg) with a degree in “Pediatrics” and then finished residency.

In 2011 he defended PhD thesis in “Cardiology”, the theme “Prevalence of dysplastic syndromes and phenotypes and their relationship with the features of heart rate in young adults”.

In 2012-13 he took postgraduate courses in “Clinical Electrocardiography”, “Therapy”, “Ultrasound diagnostics”, and “Cardiology”.

In 2013 Evgeny won the first qualification category in cardiology.

Evgeny Timofeev is a member of the Russian Society of Cardiology.

His research fields are diagnostics of hereditary connective tissue disorders in young adults, heart rate variability, and cardiac arrhythmias in connective tissue disorders.

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