Research Laboratory for AH Pathogenesis and Treatment


Research areas

The Research Laboratory focuses on the examination and treatment of patients with uncontrolled and resistant hypertension, young patients and patients with symptomatic arterial hypertension (of renovascular and endocrine origins). A specialized outpatient unit for the examination and treatment of arterial hypertension was established to provide the most effective specialized medical care for these categories of patients.  It implements the most effective and accessible algorithms for the earliest detection of secondary arterial hypertension, risk factors and cardiovascular complications. To this end, our specialists use a whole range of innovative methods for examination and treatment, including:

  • 24-hour blood pressure monitoring (with assessment of central aortic blood pressure)
  • Measurement of pulse wave velocity and central aortic blood pressure
  • Endothelial function test
  • Complex investigation of the autonomic regulation of circulation (with continuous non-invasive blood pressure monitoring)
  • For verification of symptomatic arterial hypertension our specialists use high-tech methods (CT, MRI, selective adrenal vein catheterization, angiography of the renal arteries) in cooperation with specialized departments of Almazov Centre.

The latest developments including invasive techniques (such as radiofrequency ablation of the renal sympathetic nerves) are used for the treatment of patients with hypertension that is poorly responsive to treatment.

Training and education

The specialists of the Laboratory organize or take part in the following educational courses:

  • Postgraduate advanced training course “Resistant Hypertension” (72 hours)
  • Postgraduate advanced training course “Prevention and Treatment for Fibrosis of Organs and Tissues in Different Conditions” (72 hours)
  • Postgraduate advanced training course “Diagnostic Methods for Vascular Stiffness and Organ and Tissue Fibrosis in Different Conditions” (72 hours)
  • Lectures course on the diagnosis and treatment of arterial hypertension as part of the training for interns and residents of Almazov Centre.

The Laboratory is involved in ongoing international registry projects

1) Artemis Registry — Ambulatory Blood Pressure Registry: telemonitoring of hypertension and cardiovascular risk project. Project Coordinator – Professor Gianfranco Parati.

2) Global SYMPLICITY Registry — International Registry of 3-5-year prospective study of patients selected for sympathetic renal denervation.