Research Laboratory of pathogenesis and treatment of hypertension


Research directions:

The mean directions are examination and treatment of patients with uncontrolled and resistant hypertension, young patients and patients with secondary forms of the disease. The special ambulant centre was founded for improvement of efficacy and quality of medical protection of patients with hard control blood pressure.

Specialists of centre use modern innovational methods of investigation and treatment, which include:

  • Ambulatory 24 hours blood pressure monitoring with assessment central aortal blood pressure
  • Measurement of pulse wave velocity and central blood pressure (SphygmoCor technology)
  • Endothelial function test (Endo_Pat 2000 device)
  • Complex investigation of neuroregulation of circulation (Finometer Pro/ Portopress technology)

For verification of symptomatic hypertension in cooperation with relevant departments of Federal Almazov North-West Medical Research Centre our specialists use high-tech research methods (CT, MRI, selective catheterization of the adrenal veins, angiography of the renal arteries).

The latest global developments including invasive techniques (radiofrequency ablation procedure renal sympathetic nerves), are used in the treatment of patients with resistance hypertension.

Members of scientific laboratory organize or take part in educational courses:

  • postgraduate educational course “Resistant hypertension” (72 hours);
  • postgraduate educational course “Prophylaxis and treatment fibrosis of organs and tissues in different pathological conditions”;
  • postgraduate education course “Vessel stiffness and organ and tissue fibrosis methods by different malconditions”;
  • lectures course on the examination and treatment of hypertension, education course for residents and hospital physicians of Almazov Centre.

The employees of the laboratory a the members of international study team Artemis Registry –project of telemonitoring hypertension (Project coordinator – Prof. J. Parati) and Global Symplicity Registry — proSpective registrY for syMPathetic renaL denervatIon in seleCted Indications Through 3-5 Years.