Group of the Infectious Pathologies

Tamara Antonova
Head of the Group of Infectious Pathologies, leading researcher, MD, Professor

The main research direction of the Research Group of Infectious Pathologies involves identifying the relationship of chronic viral hepatitis (infections) with cardiovascular pathology and hematological diseases: molecular mechanisms of pathogenesis, development of forecast criteria and adapted therapy programs.

Key Publications of the Group

“The course of viral hepatitis c in the groups at high risk of infection” Antonova T. V., Kostereva E. M., Vetrov T. A., Esaulenko E. V.

“Intensity of the peroxidation of membrane lipids and metabolism of lymphocytes in viral hepatitis patients” Antonova T. V., Nikolaenko S. L.

“Gender disparities in hiv risk behavior and access to health care in st. petersburg, russia” Vasquez C., Cooper C., Lioznov D., Nikolaenko S., Yatsishin S., Lesnikova D., Cox D., Pankovich J., Rosenes R., Wobeser W.

“Nondisclosure of hiv infection to sex partners and alcohol's role: a russian experience” Lunze K., Raj A., Walley A. Y., Bridden C., Samet J. H., Cheng D. M., Krupitsky E., Lioznov D., Blokhina E., Quinn E., Chaisson C.

“Sexually transmitted infections among hiv-infected heavy drinkers in st petersburg, russia” Pace C. A., Walley A. Y., Bridden C., Lioznov D., Cheng D. M., Wakeman S. E., Raj A., Coleman S. M., Krupitsky E., Samet J. H.