Boiling Point Coworking Space



The Boiling Point Coworking Space is a space for teamwork of like-minded people in the field of science and education, including schoolchildren, students, representatives of business, government and the academic community united by the idea of promoting scientific achievements and positive changes in science and education, discussing new projects and building business ideas.

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The Boiling Point at Almazov Centre was established to implement three national projects:

  • Science and Universities
  • Education
  • Healthcare

Core group

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The Boiling Point targets the following individuals or groups:

  • Students (incl. schoolchildren, residents, PhD students)
  • Business and government representatives
  • Doctors
  • Academic community
  • Common citizens of St. Petersburg

Focus areas of the Boiling Point at Almazov Centre: life sciences, medical technology


  • World-class research centres
  • Technology and innovation transfer


  • Medical training, continuing education, professional development
  • University's Third Mission
  • Volunteering
  • Career guidance


  • Change teams
  • Quality and safety of medical services
  • Export of medical services
  • Healthy lifestyle


  • Digital health
  • Artificial intelligence in medicine


  • HealthNet

Why join?

  • Take part in the development and implementation of breakthrough projects.
  • Get to know the opinion of experts.
  • Gain insight into the current trends.
  • Share updates and best practices.
  • Build teams and find partners.
  • Identify personal and professional priorities.
  • Discuss and project future goals.

Events should be educational, outreach or project-based in nature.

Possible formats include: conference, press conference, presentation, forum, round table, business game, tutorial, focus group, seminar, pitch event, meetup, brainstorm laboratory, case championships and case battles, anti-conference, fail conference, TEDx conference, intellectual game, hackathon, business breakfast, world cafe, PechaKucha, foresight session, debate, panel discussions, debate club, webinar, strategic session, workshop, open lectures, open laboratories, acceleration programs.

How to organize and hold events

  1. Make sure that your topic matches the focus areas of the Boiling Point.
  2. Register your event on the website.
  3. Discuss the organizational issues with the Program Director of the Boiling Point.
  4. Hold your event and sum up the results.
  5. Return the space to its original condition after the event.





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