Prof. Alexandra Konradi, MD, DSc


Deputy Director General for Research, Head of Arterial Hypertension Research Department, Head of Public Healthcare Department of the Medical Education Institute, Corresponding Member of RAS

H-index (RSCI): 38, 598 publications in RSCI, RSCI Author ID: 349988.
H-index (WOS): 15, 287 publications in WOS, WOS Author ID: P-1547—2014.
H-index (Scopus): 19, 138 publications in Scopus, Scopus Author ID: 7004144504.
ORCID ID: 0000—0001—8169-7812.

Focus areas: cardiology, endocrinology, healthcare management. Study of neurogenic mechanisms of blood pressure regulation in health and disease, pathogenesis of arterial hypertension, metabolic cardiovascular syndrome, molecular genetic mechanisms of cardiovascular remodeling. Personalized medicine. Value-based healthcare.

1992 – graduated from the Pavlov First Saint Petersburg State Medical University in General Medicine.

1992–1994 – clinical residency in Cardiology.

1996–2001 – Assistant Professor at the Faculty Therapy Chair with Endocrinology Course.

1997 – defended her PhD thesis in Cardiology on the topic “Structural and functional myocardial changes in hypertension and the influence of antihypertensive therapy.”

Since 2001 – Head of Arterial Hypertension Department of Almazov Centre.

2003 – defended  her DSc thesis in Cardiology on the topic “Remodeling of the heart and large vessels in hypertension.”

2008 – received the Professor title.

Since 2010 – Deputy Director General for Research of Almazov Centre.

January 2016 – received the title of Professor of the Russian Academy of Sciences for research in cardiology

October 2016 – elected a Corresponding Member of RAS.

Since 2018 – Head of Public Healthcare Department of the Medical Education Institute

2019 – graduated with a Master's cum laude at Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University in Business Informatics, Healthcare Management programme.

Thesis supervision

Three doctorate and twelve PhD theses were defended under the scientific advice of Professor Konradi. Currently, 10 PhD and 4 doctoral students continue their research under her guidance.

Participation in Thesis Committees

Member of the Academic Board of Almazov Centre and Thesis Committee Д 208.054.01.

Since 2019 – member of the State Commission for Academic Degrees and Titles and the Presidium of the  State Commission.

Membership in editorial boards

Editor-in-Chief of peer-reviewed research and practice journal Arterial Hypertension, deputy editor-in-chief of Translational Medicine, member of editorial boards of Rational Pharmacotherapy in Cardiology, Russian Journal of Cardiology, Orenburg Medical Bulletin, Journal of Hypertension, world expert and reviewer for Clinical Autonomic Research, Medical Science Monitor, Journal of Human Nutrition, Blood Pressure, American J. of Hypertension. Member of the World Association of Medical Editors (WAME).

Membership in national and international societies and projects

For many years, Alexandra Konradi has been actively involved in international cooperation: an honorary member of the European Society of Cardiology (ESC), an active member of the European Society of Hypertension (ESH) and the International Society of Hypertension (ISH). Every year, she makes presentations at the European congresses of the highest level, coordinates the cooperation of the Centre with several European research centres and universities, participates as a national coordinator in major European research projects as well as in registries and epidemiological studies. Prof. Konradi is currently a member of the ESC Council on Hypertension.

Vice President and member of the Presidium of the Russian Society of Cardiology, head of the Russian Antihypertensive League (a non-governmental organization for hypertension management and prevention, from  2009 to 2010).

One of the organizers of the ESSE-RF study (Cardiovascular Epidemiology in the Russian Federation). The study addresses epidemiology of cardiovascular risk factors and major cardiovascular diseases in 14 Russian regions and involves the biobanking.

Professor Konradi is the head and contributor in a number of projects under the federal targeted programmes financed by the Russian Ministry of Education and Science, grants from the Russian Foundation for Humanities and the Russian Foundation for Basic Research.

Participation in clinical trials

Professor Konradi has been participating in clinical trials since 1996. Since 2005, she has been Principal Investigator in 11 clinical trials in cardiology, acted as a national coordinator for 2 studies.

Training and education

Since 2018, Alexandra Konradi has been heading the Public Healthcare Department of the Medical Education Institute of Almazov Centre.

She heads the educational programme on arterial hypertension implemented at Almazov Centre as part of continuing professional education.

She is a member of the Coordination Council of the Translational Medicine Cluster and heads its Secretariat, coordinates innovations and research projects in the Cluster, the creation of a competency matrix and scientific and technical committees.

Since 2015, Alexandra Konradi, as part of cooperation with ITMO University, has been managing the work of the Institute of Translational Medicine and scientific projects to create decision support systems based on the concept of personalized medicine.

She is the head of the basic chair of Medical and Biotechnical Systems at Saint Petersburg Electrotechnical University LETI.

Personal achievements

The research team formed and headed by Alexandra Konradi developed new approaches to dynamic monitoring of patients with arterial hypertension, methods for monitoring high blood pressure in the population, proposed and clinically tested a technique for using self-measurement devices. They developed approaches to the organization of automated workplaces for doctors using automatic blood pressure meters, proposed a new patented diagnostic method for the white coat syndrome.

Under the guidance of Professor Konradi, a specialized programme was developed and introduced to educate the population and patients with arterial hypertension in the basics of the prevention of risk factors, treatment of the disease and its complications and a healthy lifestyle; a system for organizing structured patient education was proposed with the corresponding recommendations for its implementation into practice.

Thanks to her scientific and social achievements in the field of arterial hypertension research, in 2008 Almazov National Medical Research Centre (then called the Federal Almazov North-West Medical Research Centre) was the first of Russian medical research facilities to be awarded the status of ESH Hypertension Excellence Centre.

Alexandra Konradi was awarded the Certificate of Merit of the Russian Ministry of Health for contribution to healthcare (2009), the Honorary Badge of Excellence in Healthcare (2014). In 2015, she received the gratitude of the Russian Minister of Health Veronika Skvortsova for her contribution to the expert activities of the working groups of the Scientific Council of the Russian Ministry of Health. In 2020, she was awarded the Order of Pirogov (2020).

Major publications

Publications in e-library.

Publications in the NIH library.

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Intellectual property

Database registration certificate No. 2019622422, issued on 19.12.2019, application No. 2019622423 dated 11.12.2019.
“Register of patients with resistant arterial hypertension after the radiofrequency ablation of the renal sympathetic nerves, RD DATABASE “
Authors: Ionov M., Mironova S., Yudina Yu., Emelyanov I., Zvartau N., Konradi  A.

Database registration certificate No. 2019622466, issued on 23.12.2019, application No. 2019622424 dated 11.12.2019.
“Register of telemedicine monitoring of patients with essential arterial hypertension, VRTM DATA “
Authors: Ionov M., Zvartau N., Kurapeev D., Konradi A.

Certificate of software registration No. 2017611225, issued on 26.01.2017, application No. 2016660272 dated 03.10.2016.
«ALMAZOV-CMS Event and Conference Management System”
Authors: Konradi A., Kurapeev D., Kuznetsov V., Nemich E., Tyurin D.

Certificate of software registration No. 2017662247, issued on 01.11.2017, application No. 2017617054 dated 18.07.2017.
Authors: Krasnov K., Ionov M., Zvartau N., Konradi A., Livshits S., Kovyazin I.

Certificate of software registration No. 2016618479, issued on 01.08.2016, application No. 2016616211 dated 14.06.2016.
“Accounting system for scientific products of an institution, RRR-D”
Authors: Konradi A., Zvartau N., Smirnova E., Vasilyeva N., Kurapeev D., Kuznetsov V., Bazhenov A., Tyurin D.

Patent for invention No. 2511453, issued on 10.04.2014, application No. 2012128800 dated 09.07.2012.
“Method for determining the propagation speed of a pulse wave of blood pressure and the measurement device»
Authors: Nesterov V., Burdygin A., Konradi A., Nesterov S.

Patent for invention No. 2394476, issued on 20.07.2010, application No. 2008127640 dated 07.07.2008.
“Method for determining the sensitivity of arterial baroreflex”
Authors: Mamontov O., Bogachev M., Konradi A., Shlyakhto E.

Patent for invention No. 2372025, issued on 10.11.2009, application No. 2007141082 dated 06.11.2007.
“Method for determining indications for polysomnographic evaluation in patients with arterial hypertension”
Authors: Konradi A., Sviryaev Yu., Zvartau N., Rotar O., Kalinkin A.

Patent for invention No. 2363378, issued on 10.08.2009, application No. 2007139595 dated 25.10.2007.
“Method for predicting the effectiveness of arterial hypertension treatment with selective I1-imidazoline receptors”
Authors: Mamontov O., Kasherininov Yu., Konradi A.

Patent for invention No. 2334466, issued on 27.09.2008, application No. 2006124941 dated 11.07.2006.
“Method for determining the risk of cardiovascular complications in patients with essential hypertension”
Authors: Konradi A., Yakovleva O., Larionova V., Bogdanova M.

Patent for invention No. 2305837, issued on 10.09.2007, application No. 2006112429 dated 13.04.2006.
“Method for predicting the effectiveness of enalapril in the treatment of patients with essential hypertension in the Russian population”
Authors: Konradi A., Yakovleva O., Larionova V., Bogdanova M., Vakhrameeva N.



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